Friday, 17 April 2015

Made in Clerkenwell Summer 2015: Fashion & Accessories highlights

Our bi-annual Made in Clerkenwell: Open Studios will be taking place next month. Avoid the high street and opt for handmade!

From 7-10 May, we will open our doors for you to explore our 2 fascinating Victorian studio buildings in the heart of London’s historic Clerkenwell. Both venues are located within convenient strolling distance - start your visit in Clerkenwell Green and find St John’s Square just 2 minutes away.

In this series of blogposts, we are very excited to profile some of the charming and covetable designs available. In this post, it is the fashion and accessories preview, showcasing a range of hats, scarves, bags and other accessories.


Milliner to the stars, Katherine Elizabeth’s achievements include the Walpole awards, Lff Profile Awards and Dzina Fashion Awards. In 2012 Katherine won the London Lifestyle Award for Best Fashion Retailer, being voted the winner out of over a thousand retailers! The hats are made from a selection of fine French lace and Italian silks with beautiful hand embellished appliqué and beadwork. 

Uglylovely is the brainchild of Sahar Freemantle who discovered a love for beauty in the unconventional, following her degree in Costume Design at Edinburgh College of Art. Sahar explores the eccentric and whimsical, such as insects, rusted objects and old lace in her work. 

Parisian Myriam Lengliné is the London-based milliner behind 'La dame au béret'. Myriam specialises in couture millinery, vintage-inspired high-fashion showpieces and dramatic bridal headdresses. Her unique handmade/handstitched hats and headpieces are made following traditional millinery techniques and primarily use antique and vintage materials. Her inspirations range from the highly decorative and ornamental styles of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, the glitzy Roaring 20s, the lean and sleek elegance of the 30s to the film noir glamour of the 40s and 50s femmes fatales, from traditional folk costumes to alternative subcultures of the 70s and 80s.


Kuku Big Bag is a brand of handcrafted, functionally designed leather accessories. They are a modern take on traditional leather work and the belief in maintaining this art is upheld by the individual craftsman who hand make each bag. With leather sourced from selected European tanneries and traditional leather working tools, Kuku Big Bag is a mark of quality and professionalism, designed for those who appreciates its aesthetic statement of bold, contrasting colours and its juxtaposition of shapes. Kuku Big Bag is inspired by contemporary lifestyle, creative culture, functional designs and most important of all, objects that are designed around our ever increasing mobile culture.

Driven by a love of traditional crafts, Lydia has created a beautiful range of small leather accessories using the skills of years gone by.  With an understated aesthetic the focus is on a high level of craftsmanship to ensure the pieces last a long time and will ultimately take on their own character and age. Lydia has created a functional and timeless range of bags, belts, card holders, cases and wallets.


Sarah Eyton is a London based designer, creating jewellery and fashion accessories for men and women that make a statement. Beautiful and elegant, Sarah’s work is attention seeking and bold yet subtle at the same time. We love her selection of stylish and sophisticated bags and clutches, all made from compacted 100% wool felt. Soft and flexible with just the right amount of rigidity.


Hand crafted luxury silk scarves and stoles will be available from Kop London. Each piece by Kop is from a larger material that passes through the lives and hands of many craftspeople and makers who have given their time and skills to make these magnificent pieces that we can love and care for. Kop connects their stories creating the emotional value that infuses each piece. We unleash talent and endorse sustainable fashion with ethical sourcing. Kopḗ marries traditional craft techniques with global fashion as the finest products are crafted by quality into luxury. Kop are not defined by an age group but by joy, confidence, style, elegance and our love for colour.


Textile designer, Beatrice Mayfield, will be showing her intricate hand stitched and embroidered brooch accessory range. Beatrice specialises in hand constructed, embellished and embroidered textiles. Using a range of traditional techniques, stitches and processes, the pieces incorporate a high level of craftsmanship with contemporary design.


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