Thursday, 23 April 2015

London Craft Week: Demonstrations at Craft Central for Made in Clerkenwell Open Studios

London Craft Week is a new annual event which showcases exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discovery program - featuring hidden workshops and celebrated makers. Founded on the ethos of making, London Craft Week aims to introduce the talent, people and techniques behind the products. Here at Craft Central, during Made in Clerkenwell: Open Studios, there will be a chance to meet the makers, see demonstrations of their skills and learn about the processes involved in the making of these beautiful objects. All of these demonstrations will be taking place from 7-10 May at the Craft Central building at 33-35 St John’s Square EC1.

Thursday 7 May 6pm

Millinery demonstration from Bridget Tomlin

Beautiful to look at and an inspiration to wear, Bridget Bailey’s work has a 30-year pedigree, with collections designed for labels such as Mulberry, Saks Fifth Avenue and the V&A. Her work is inspired by the diversity of the natural world and the ways in which textiles and millinery can be used to describe and explore the texture and structures of its flora and fauna. The materials are fabric scraps and off-cuts, vintage silk threads, and found feathers. In order to uncover the jewel-like qualities inherent in what can be considered non-precious materials, the pieces are created with thought and attention-to-detail. Bailey is known for her sculptural and dramatic use of fabric combinations and piece construction. Her demonstration will showcase a unique approach to colour, textile and millinery techniques.

More about Bridget Bailey here:

Fri 8 May 1pm & Sun 10 May 3pm

Millinery demonstration from Katherine Elizabeth

Katherine Elizabeth is an award winning milliner whose achievements include the Walpole awards, Lff Profile Awards and Dzina Fashion Awards. In 2012 Katherine won the London Lifestyle Award for Best Fashion Retailer, being voted the winner out of over a thousand retailers. All her hats are hand-crafted to the highest standard and are stocked by some of the most luxury department stores in the city. As well as designing for her eponymous label, Katherine has worked with top designers such as Stephen Jones and Catherine Delaney. She has also created for John Galliana, Dior and Asudari, alongside making bespoke pieces for Lily Allen, Dita Von Teese and Henry Holland. Her pieces are all handmade by a small London team based here at Craft Central. Her demonstration will appeal for those who have a penchant for French lace, sumptuous Italian silks and hand embellished beadwork. 

More about Katherine Elizabeth here:

Fri 8 May, 5pm

Ceramics demonstration from Helen Beard

Helen Beard has a unique method of decorating her porcelain, a technique she researched and developed during her training at Edinburgh College of Art. Using stain impregnated sheets of newspaper she transfers a freehand sketch on to her porcelain and then colours using washes of underglaze stain. The result is an uninhibited and immediate drawing to adorn her pot. Her one of a kind ceramics, which are each individually thrown on the wheel and hand painted, are made for exhibitions and commissions. Helen’s studio is based at Craft Central and she is regularly inspired by the local area - from swimmers at Ironmonger Row baths to market traders at Smithfield market. Watch her as she illustrates her pots, the pieces come to life one by one, and often a story will unfold.

More about Helen Beard here:

Sat 9 May, 12pm

Jewellery demonstration by Angela Cork

Angela Cork is one of Britain’s most innovative silversmiths and part of the prestigious elite represented in The Goldsmiths’ Company’s collection. Her distinctive style employs simple, clean designs. She has won many awards and is acclaimed for her contemporary and sculptural objects.  As well as designing and making her own work, she teaches at several learning centres and is a course tutor at Bishopsland Educational Trust. Angela will be demonstrating her jewellery benchwork – showcasing her cutting-edge style, extraordinarily precise design and refined traditional techniques.

More about Angela Cork here:

Sat 9 May, 3.30pm

Textile designer Ptolemy Mann talks about the ikat dyeing technique

Ptolemy Mann is a contemporary textile artist and designer known for her unique and colourful hand-woven artworks and textile designs. Ikat is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles prior to dyeing and weaving. Ptolemy will start her talk by showing her own archive of traditional and modern ikats that she has collected from various trips. She will then show how she has adapted the technique for her own practise. Her unique approach to hand dyeing and weaving in a dynamic modern context brings her craft into the 21st century. A modern-day Bauhaus philosophy of product and art making combined with intelligent colour theory underpins all of her work – albeit creative or commercial.

More about Ptolemy Mann here:

Sun 10 May, 1pm

Loom weaving demonstration from Margo Selby

Margo Selby runs a woven textile design company that produces exceptional quality fabrics, rugs and accessories, which blend effortlessly with both contemporary and classic interiors. In the early 2000s, Margo began to develop relationships with weaving mills to explore the possibilities of production.  During this process, she united her innovative hand-woven structures with industrial machinery to create the first 3-dimensional fabrics that soon became the trademark of the Margo Selby brand. Today, Margo’s extensive training in woven textiles remains central to all the design developments. She will be demonstrating hand weaving on her own loom. By showing how to simultaneously connect with the materials in a hands on way, Margo allows for a greater understanding of the construction and behaviour of the final product. 

More about Margo Selby here:

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