Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Craft Central Gets Hitched - I'm excited for...

Our Promotions and Marketing Intern, Lauren McCurry, shares her top 10 picks for our handmade wedding fair (21-24 March 2013)...

It is finally time for Craft Central Gets Hitched! There will be handmade products by 60 designer makers. Come and shop for bridal fashion, invitations, millinery, jewellery, gifts, father/mother of bride/groom fashion and accessories, bunting, decorations, floristry, favours, and table paraphernalia.

With all the buzz around here, I have gotten to see some sneak peaks and the excitement has been palpable. I have been looking forward to seeing the creations by all the amazing designers and crafters that will be at the exhibit tomorrow evening. Here are some designer-makers I am excited to see this weekend at Craft Central Gets Hitched:

1. Ayshe Brandts - Contemporary jewellery designer

2. Angela Cork - Contemporary designer silversmith

3. Ann-Marie Faulkner - Beautiful handmade millinery

4. Day C - Handcrafted jewellery designer

5. Federica Bruno - Handmade bridal gown designer

6. Freya Lines - Handmade homewares, accessories, and stationery, along with bespoke paper crafts.

7. Dee Dee Bridal - Vintage inspired bridal wear

8. Amy Keeper - Handmade jewellery designer-maker

9. Jo Heckett - Unique porcelain gifts and products

10. Laura Long - handmade knitted crafts

These are only a FEW of the many wonderful things that will be exhibited this weekend. Come and check it all out at Craft Central Gets Hitched starting this Thursday night at 4pm! Find out more and plan your visit here


  1. Beautiful! So proud of you Lauren! This is great! I know it will be amazing!!!

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