Thursday, 15 March 2012

Handmade Wedding Tip: Queen's Diamond Jubilee Hallmark for 2012

This year, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, a special commemorative hallmark for jewellery has been approved. A 2012 wedding can be commemorated with this special hallmark. "The Queen's hallmark, which will sit alongside the traditional UK hallmarks, is only available this year," jeweller Amanda Li Hope notes. (Hallmarks are legally required for products described as containing precious metals.) 

Amanda Li Hope also takes commissions for pieces made in Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, one of the first 20 companies licensed to do so.

engagement and wedding band set in Fairtrade/Fairmined gold by Amanda Li Hope

XX earrings in Fairtrade/Fairmined gold by Amanda Li Hope

See more of her work at Craft Central Gets Hitched, Central London's Handmade Wedding Fair, 22-25 March 2012


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