Monday, 12 March 2012

Craft Central Gets Hitched 2012 - A date with Day-C

I became familiar with the work of Daisy Choi, founder and creator of jewellery and ceramic brand Day-C, during her vacancy of the Craft Central Showcase late last year. I was instantly struck by how exquisite and precious each of her pieces were, and how much love, attention and skill had gone into each piece no matter how big or small. Daisy very kindly allowed me to hijack her studio one afternoon to capture her comfortable and spacious working area as I attempted to gauge and capture the creative process and environment of a talented and successful designer such Daisy Choi.

2012 will be another busy year for Daisy, not only is she exhibiting at 'Craft Central Gets Hitched', but recently showed for the second time at the 'Desire' jewellery and silversmith fair in Richmond. Daisy was also awarded not one but three awards by the Goldsmiths craftsmanship and Design Council awards. She was a silver award winner in the fashion jewellery category, and two time commended award winner in both fine jewellery(2D) and gallery jewellery categories. She will be a regular fixture in our Corner Shop with residencies throughout the summer weeks, and as usual we will be on hand to document and support our many talented designers.

More of Daisys work can be seen here at

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