Monday, 29 July 2013

Sydney's Top 10 Picks for IMPRINT 2013

By Sydney Stone (Craft Central Promotions Intern)

IMPRINT, an exhibition of printed design for London Design Festival and Clerkenwell Design Quarter, is just around the corner and I can't wait! As a Craft Central intern, I've had the opportunity to familiarize myself with each and every one of our 33 talented exhibitors. Here're ten designers I just can't get out of my head:

Joanna Ham
Exploring the individuality of women in regard to popular culture and fashion, Joanna Ham finds inspiration for her newest series of prints. The women pictured in them always look so chic and self-confident; who wouldn't want that hanging on their walls?! Girl power all the way!

How cute are these?! I don't know about you, but I love the idea of having my very own in-home zoo. These paper animals are bright, fun and easily assembled - perfect for children of all ages (even the ones inside every adult!)

Esther Coombs
From grand cityscapes to individual subjects, such as the Queen, this illustrator does it all. The drawing below is like a collage of all of my favourite things; I couldn't help but fall in love the second I laid eyes on it. Chanel, YSL and the very British, 'Keep Calm and Carry On' - it's a girl's dream!

Bronagh Kennedy
Being a tourist in this lovely city, I've grown an appreciation for all the 'must-see' landmarks it has to offer. Bronagh definitely captures the beauty and powerfulness of every one in her prints. Have you ever seen Big Ben looking so good?!

Fanny Shorter
Designer and illustrator, Fanny Shorter uses the process of screen-printing to make her works of art. The intricacy and attention to detail is evident in every piece she makes. I love the way the picture below tells a story; forget books, if you need me I'll be reading this!

Thornback & Peel
Celebrating the quirkiness of British humour and design, Juliet Thornback and Delia Peel's signature style combines modernist geometric patterns with 19th century wood engravings. This mixture works together fabulously and makes for some fun and charming homewares!

I'll admit, I haven't always been a fan of tea; it took travelling all the way to England for me to finally develop a taste for it and now I'm obsessed! I definitely look forward to my cup of tea everyday and DesignK's 'Tea for One' tables are a tea lovers dream - this genius idea is a morning must.

Katie Brown
Digitally designed and inspired by drawings & photography of the urban landscape, Katie's vibrantly coloured printed textiles are sure to catch your eye. From clothing to furniture upholstery, the palette she creates stuns regardless of the form it takes!

N&N Wares
Designer, Emma Jeffs, creates limited edition Luxury British Accessories. Exploring colour, material, print and structure, each scarf she makes is absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't mind wrapping one of these around my neck!

Farrah Al-Dujaili
I was first introduced to Farrah's work during Benchmark 2013; strolling through the gallery looking at each designer's jewellery her whimsical pieces instantly stuck out to me. Inspired by a sort of secret garden of artificial organisms, her jewellery definitely doubles as conversational pieces.

There you have it, my top ten! IMPRINT takes place September 17th-21st, until then I'll just have to count down the days on my calendar... See you in the fall!

Find out more about the exhibition and plan your visit here.

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