Wednesday, 23 November 2011

MIC 2011 - Craft Wednesday - Sarah Hocombe

Sarah Hocombe is a London based artist who grew up in Italy , graduating from Chelsea college of art in 1986 in mural design. She has been a regular fixture at Craft Central, including open studios, for well over 11 years. She stands out amongst the many designer makers as she is the only painter featured at Craft Central.

What drew me too Sarah's work, besides the fact that I adore painting, is her use of unique perspective and light. She paints in order to document different times of day through light in many parts of the world, and how that changes are perception of our surroundings in our daily life. Her approach is not too dissimilar to how a photographer approaches his image documenting, both capturing a moment which can never be recreated, utilizing the available light and how light can either dilute or enhance the image.

Sarah is also a practitioner of Fresco painting, a very old and almost extinct style of painting which was popularized during the ancient times and right throughout the renaissance period up until the 20th century. She has dedicated her life's work in preserving and continuing this ancient method and might possibly be the only practitioner of Fresco painting in the UK.

Photos by David Geewai Ho

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