Friday, 28 October 2011

Craft Central 2011: Swithbert & Louis - Tracey Newham pt.1

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely and talented Tracy Newham, creator and founder of 'Swithbert & Louis'. Tracy has frequently showcased her beautifully hand-crafted scarves through Craft Central and is a popular attraction among the many CC visitors.

Tracy was born in a Hull in Yorkshire, she studied Textile design in college, going on to specialize in embroidery and working freelance for various fashion companies. She then began experimenting with scarves, taking inspiration from english heritage. The scarves were constructed to appear like traditional waistcoats, incorporating rich, tweeds fabrics, lining made with luxurious silks, and unique buttons to keep the scarfs upright and together.

Swithbert & Swithbert & Louis's current collection carries through the popular heritage themes from before, but now incorporates a wider palette of colors and fabrics which invoke a 60s 'retro' vibe. Scarves are now accompanied with complimentary Capes, unique Bags, and various Accessories. More of Traceys work, is featured on her website at

Photos by David Geewai Ho

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